Appraisals & Consulting


Auble, Jolicoeur & Gentry provide appraisal services for virtually all property types in the Northwest. These appraisals range from:

  • single-family homes to master planned developments,
  • shopping centers,
  • large industrial facilities,
  • as well as numerous kinds of unique properties, such as hotels, seed processing facilities, fish hatcheries, nursing homes to elderly housing facilities, golf courses, timber mills, environmentally contaminated properties, and vineyards, just to name a few.

We are the leading appraisal firm in the Inland Northwest.

When are appraisals requested? Appraisals may be requested for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, financing, pricing property for sale, pricing property for purchase, bankruptcy, portfolio analysis, and condemnation and litigation. We are qualified to provide appraisals on virtually all types of real estate and most likely have personnel who specialize in your property type.

Our values approach:  Appraisals typically consist of the application of the applicable approaches to value. The approaches that are typically used are the Cost Approach, Sales Comparison Approach, and Income Approach to Value.  Variations of these approaches to value can include a Development Approach, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Residual Techniques, etc. We have the experience and expertise to identify the applicable approaches and apply them in a reasonable manner.

Because of our company’s size and long history in this marketplace, we maintain a competitive edge with large amounts of data generated and the expertise of appraising various property types. The applications of these approaches is enhanced significantly by the vast array of data available to the professionals at Auble, Jolicoeur & Gentry.


Appraisal Reviews are typically ordered for two reasons. The client has received an appraisal, but does not understand or strongly disagrees with the report, or the client has received the report from a third party as part of a real estate transaction and wishes to have it reviewed for accuracy.

  • We are familiar with the review process, and are experienced in performing professional reviews.
  • Sound experience in evaluating reviews
  • Reviews are less costly than ordering a new appraisal
  • Valuable for: lenders, realtors, purchasers, and borrowers

We are well qualified to provide these appraisal review services on virtually all property types. We encourage you to contact us at your convenience to discuss appraisal reviews.


Consulting continues to be one of the largest growing areas of Auble, Jolicoeur & Gentry’s business.

  • Vast experience & specialization
  • Large database of information
  • Ability to diversify reports

Consultations are many times the starting point in determining the services that a client truly needs.

Consulting can range from something as simple as verifying the reasonableness of a rent increase in your office space to a large feasibility study of a proposed real estate venture for an investor. Oftentimes, our consulting services can be performed in conjunction with other professionals, such as accountants, attorneys and realtors.

Our real estate counseling, analysis and appraisal experience is a fairly wide-ranging discipline. Therefore, we are particularly adept at putting together all of the legal and accounting information as well as any other factors affecting real estate, and in turn helping you.

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