Fair Housing & Housing Market Studies

Housing studies are conducted to be in legal compliance as well as to assess demographics, ownership patterns, sales and trends, market demands, and much more.


To further fair housing goals, the Department of Housing and Urban Development requires states and entitlement jurisdictions to administer:

  • HUD Community Development Block Grant
  • Home Investment Partnership
  • Emergency Shelter Grant
  • Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS programs

The Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing is required by HUD of these entitlement jurisdictions followed by a Fair Housing Plan.

Our staff has completed the Analysis of Impediments that includes:

  • A detailed economic and demographic profile of the entity
  • Housing stock, occupancy and ownership patterns by protected classes
  • Fair housing complaints and legal filings, patterns, and findings
  • Community surveys and general public attitudes
  • Review and analysis of the entities, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Analysis of home mortgage lending patterns


Many programs require an analysis of a community rental or owner-occupied housing market to be completed and submitted with a grant proposal.

Our firm has performed Housing Market Studies that have been submitted with requests to a number of state and federal housing finance programs. These studies provide in-depth information including:

  • Community demographic, economic, and cultural overview
  • Housing market overview including housing stock, characteristics, age, and tenure
  • Residential housing sales and construction trends
  • Household and family characteristics including income, size, and tenure
  • Market demand and supply, absorption, occupancy and rent
  • Neighborhood overview, access, improvements, and trends
  • Overall project feasibility and projected absorption rate

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