Rent & Lease Analysis Studies

When buying or selling rental and leased property, these studies provide detail regarding the value of a property and whether contracting has been developed fairly, or not.


Clients request an analysis of their lease or leases for a variety of reasons. Leases may be analyzed for consistency of terms with the market. A series of leases may be analyzed to develop cash flow patterns for a property.

The leases are read in detail, with careful attention to:

  • terms
  • options
  • escalations
  • percentage rent clauses
  • responsibility for various expenses


This type of study is typically provided to owners when they are attempting to establish an asking rent for their property for a new tenant, or to re-lease the property to an existing tenant.

This analysis is also provided to tenants when they are evaluating the various options for leasing or re-leasing space.

In order to provide this study, the market is researched for recent leases of comparable properties. After carefully analyzing all the lease’s various criteria, the comparable leases are compared to an existing or proposed property. The result is an estimate of the rent and lease terms appropriate for the property being studied.

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