Tax & Personal Finance Studies and Analysis

Whether a personal investment is being made in real estate , or help is needed in dealing with property tax for land/property owners or tax credits for apartment housing, we can help.


If managed correctly, real estate is an investment that, over time, can become one of the most valuable assets in an individual or corporate portfolio.  Real estate is also a complex business management issue.  Auble, Jolicoeur & Gentry professionals are actively involved in the market, have expertise in virtually all property types, and maintain the most comprehensive databases.  This allows us to offer expert advice and counsel on real estate issues, and eliminate the uncertainties that can affect your long-term investment strategies.


Property tax is a major expense for property owners, and in the case of many leases where the tenant pays the property tax, it is a major expense for them.  When a client suspects that the assessed valuation of a property exceeds its market value, they can appeal to the assessor for an adjustment to the value.  Providing the assessor with a current appraisal can be a convincing method upon which to obtain an adjustment; however, if an adjustment is not forthcoming, the assessed valuation can be appealed to a tax appeals board, which can carry different names based upon jurisdiction.  Scot D. Auble, MAI, served on such a board – the Spokane County Board of Equalization – for three years.  Therefore, we are well apprised of the rules and process for undertaking an appeal.  We can either assume the role of defending our appraisal against the assessor before the board, or act as your advocate before and during the hearing.  If a satisfactory judgment is not obtained at this level, the assessed valuation can be appealed to the state level, as well as adjudicated in court.


We produce market studies for proposed and existing apartment projects to submit to Washington or Idaho states for developers applying for tax credit approval. We are on both states’ approved market study provider list. Upon obtaining the award for tax credits, we include a Tax Credit Analysis in the appraisal, which involves appraising the investor equity in a LIHTC – Low Income Housing Tax Credit project.

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